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Basic Precreated Stats

Easy for beginners:
Beginners: I recommend using the Elven races (Silvan/Sinda/Noldo) because of their immunity against disease and abiltiy to walk over snow, both of which plague lowbie characters if they are still unknowing.
To modify the stats just use the Stat Generator and modify the stats to the race you want by using the supplied stats as a base, the race of Men was initally used because they have no racial bonuses and therefore derivatives should be easily be derived from them.

Defensive-Slashing Warrior (Easiest):
Str:16 Int:13 Wis:10 Dex:17 Con:17 Wil:12 Per:14. (Man)

Smiter/Concussion Warrior (Easy): (Dwarves and Men excel at this class)
Str:18 Int:12 Wis:10 Dex:12 Con:18 Wil:16 Per:11. (Man)

Standard Thief (Moderate): (Hobbits and Elves are good solutions)
Str:12 Int:13 Wis:11 Dex:18 Con:15 Wil:11 Per:18. (Man)

Not recommended for beginners:

Standard Priest (Hard): (Half-elves are the best choice)
Str:13 Int:16 Wis:18 Dex:12 Con:13 Wil:16 Per:11. (Man)

Standard Mage (Hard): (Elves would be the best choice due to high Intelligence)
Str:11 Int:18 Wis:17 Dex:12 Con:12 Wil:14 Per:15. (Man)

Strategies for Equipment

Light Shields
There are few light shields that load on Arda. The light shields are the Cardolan, Arthedain, and Gilded. The shields are not that heavy, they weigh about 1/2 as much as normal shields that give the same amount of parry bonus. The shields go up in weight as their pb goes up too.

Name Weight PB

Shield of Cardolan

707 22
Shield of Arthedain 730 24

Gilded rounded shied

775 25

Shield of Cardolan / Malardil
The Shield of Cardolan loads on Malardil. His castle loads north west of Tharbad and can be reached by spamming north-west from the Tharbad northgate until you reach a few forest spiders. From there you have to head south into a random forest with random exits, eventually you'll get to the castle by going southward. As you pass by a well and go eastward you should reach the Castle Gate, from there you need to get a key which loads on one of the rogues in the outpost south of the gate. Once inside you should kill the guards first. Try to avoid going up until the guards are dead; Malardil is up there. Once all the guards have been killed it is wise to get Malardil to track you outside into the forest. The randoms inside the forest will prevent him from getting to you and you can kill his followers one by one.
Requirements: legend -- hero thief -- 3+ level 16s.
Mobs: Malardil, Gypsy, 8 guards, 4 rogues
Loads: thin metal breastplates, russet cloak, falchions, full metal shields, shield of cardolan, full leather set, shiny dagger, lute, set of lock picks.

Shield of Arthedain / Bill Ferny
To get to the shack you'll have to go to the west side of the Midgewater Marshes and look for the "End of the Path". From there you'll have to enter the marsh to get to his shack by going 2n, 2e, open bush, d, e. By heading one more east it'll bring you to 3 rogues, kill them. You should now be next to a bonfire with a door to the east, this leads into the shack where you'll find 2 thugs, a robber, and Bill Ferny himself. Kill Bill Ferny first and then flee out. Loot the "root" from his corpse, this is the key to the "wall" to the east. You have the choice of either killing the rest of the mobs or just going on through the wall by unlocking and opening. Once Bill Ferny is dead the thugs are free to move around and will come out of the shack eventually. If you want to do the mobs then kill the thugs when the exit before entering, thus preventing yourself have to buff all 3 of his underlings at once; once done with the thugs kill the robber. After you have entered the room east of the wall you'll find a few silver pennies and some beer barrels. From here you need a person with a very good picking skill 80%+ or a warrior with bash/cleric with breakdoor. You have to pick/bash open the "floorboards". Once that is completed you can go 1d and kill 2 mastiffs (dogs). If you have luck the shields should load on the ground.
Requirements: level 12 warrior, blinder -- hero+ -- 4+ level 12s
Mobs: Bill Ferny, 3 ruffians, 2 thugs, a robber, 2 mastiffs.
Loads: 3 shortswords, morningstar, cudgel, rapier, large metal full shield, small wooden target shield, large metal shield, full metal shield, cassok, forest green cloak, shield of arthedain.

Gilded round shield / Galerel the Ghost
The gilded round shield loads on a ghost in a ruined mansion north of the "Old East Road by a Rock", some east of Bree. For lowbies/solo character with no good bash/picking skills it is easier to get the key. There are two ways to do this. There is also a stove that loads 5 pieces of smoked, cured meat; from the frontdoor you go north, west, north. Oh, and don't forget to sign the guestbook 1n of the frontdoor too!

1) Key (lowbies, you need at least one practice in pick/lockpicks)
The "tinted brass key" loads on a black crow near the Old Wight; from the oer rock go 3e, s and around this area is where the black crow moves around. Move around here south of the road until you find the black crow. Its hard to kill it since it has a max wimpy flee, so arrows/magic are a good way to get rid of it. Once it is dead you want to loot the key from it's body. Return to the oer rock. From here you want to go e, 4n, open bushwall, w. Once inside the bushwall you have to pick open the frontdoor. From there go n, u. You should be on the "Creaking Balcony" and then use the key to unlock the door north, go north. There is some special mudlle here that makes you "winch" a basket up to the balcony. This basket leads down to Galerel. When you winch you automatically sit down and have to stand up once the basket reaches the balcony. Only one person can enter the basket at a time. Immediately after the basket reaches the top you want to go one north. Turn climb on if you want to flee from Galerel, otherwise leave it off. Wait until the basket drifts down to Galerel's platform, then you can step off by going down. Here you will meet Galerel the ghost. If you have a group and you want to get them to come, you should flee/go any direction and pick/open the oakdoor, go south, open the tapestry, south, up, north. You are at the balcony once again and can now bring your friends directly to Galerel by going backwards (d, n, n, turn climb on, u).

2) No Key (good +80% pick, bash, break door)
Go to the oer rock. From there go e, 4n, open bushwall, w. Once inside the bushwall you have to pick open the frontdoor. Then go north, open tapestry, n, pick oakdoor, open oakdoor, turn climb on, up. Kill Galarel and loot.

Requirements: level 14 thief -- level 18+ -- 2 level 14s
Mobs: the ghost of Galerel
Loads: arda ring, black and silver surcoat, double-edged eket, gilded round shield.