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MUME.NET The Original MUME Log Site
MUME - Multi Users in Middle Earth Official MUME Site
Elvenrunes Logs/Information about MUME and PowTTY web host
People of MUME Page MUME Album :)
Hidden Outpost Herblore & Equipment Info
MUME-info CeBe's Page
Tabris's MUMEpage Stats for skills, prac locations
VrAK's MUME-related page VrAK's Page
Axel's Homepage Powwow for Win32 and much more
Gray's MUME page Gray's Page
Seb's MUME page Finwe's Page
Alo's Mume page Alo's Page


mume.pvv.org:4242 Main Server (Norway)
mume.ca:4242 Alkar's Server (Canada) [Down]
ramiris.silicon.org:4242 Axel's Server (Germany) [Down]
lizard.artun.ee:4242 Router (Estonia)
www.q2web.com:4242 Router [Down]
yourmom.sensi.net:4242 Router [Down]