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Identified Items

2/18/2003 - I've decided to [Retire] this page, all items may be incorrect now.
No more updates will be made.

5/ 4/2002 - Updated a few weapons, they should be mostly in date now
4/16/2002 - NOTE: All weapon types are out of date!
2/08/2002 - Added a few more items
1/20/2001 - Added fell blade and pick; fixed webpage design a bit
8/28/2001 - Added black metal staff and large warmasked helmet
7/??/2001 - All items before 7/2001 are identified by me during this month

LR-SPELL = Long Range Spell

Max chant:
     Affects: OB by 10
     Affects: Damage by 2

25   = 1/2 lb
50   = 1 lb
650 = 1 stone

If the item is type MAGIC then the item is NOCHANT
If the item is type WOOD then it is Efficient vs SPIRIT
If the item is Affected by: Damage by 0 then the items is NOCHANT

Weapons: Piercing, Slashing, Stabbing, Cleaving, Concussion, Two-Handed, Shooting, Missile
Armour/Clothing: Shields, Headgear, Neck, Body, Around the Body, Sleeves, Gloves, Belts, Leggings, Foot-ware
Miscellanious: Containers, Drink Containers, Quivers, Treasure, Other

Piercing WeaponsObject Keys Item isTypeWeightOBPBDamDelayCan affect you as
black runed daggerdagger runed black pweaponMAGICNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL451558.0100% 
slender daggerdagger slender pweaponMAGICNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL452007.0100% 
ceremonial daggerdagger ceremonial pweaponMAGIC BLESS ANTI-EVILNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPIRIT SPELL, Inefficient vs: METAL6010106.0100% 
shiny daggerdagger blade shiny pweaponMAGICNORMAL METAL30505.0100%OB by 10, Dam by 1
double edged eketeket dagger blade pweapon NORMAL METAL30555.0100% 
sharp thornthorn sharp pweapon NORMAL WOOD, Inefficient vs: METAL60555.0100% 
long, wicked knifeknife long pweaponEVILNORMAL METAL451004.0100% 
orkish fangfang pweapon NORMAL METAL75006.0100% 
hunting knifeknife hunting pweapon NORMAL METAL220-53.0100%Dam by 0, [NOCHANT]

Slashing WeaponsObject KeysItem isTypeWeightOBPBDamDelayCan affect you as
the broad Elven bladeblade sword ancient Beater Glamdring Foe-hammerMAGIC BLESS ANTI-EVIL NOSELLNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: TROLL ORC SPELL150151011.0100% 
Dunadan swordblade sword Dunadan sweaponMAGIC ANTI-EVIL ANTI-NEUTRALNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL22520510.0110% 
wightbladewightblade blade sword sweaponMAGIC ANTI-GOOD ANTI-NEUTRALNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL, Inefficient vs: SPIRIT22520510.0110% 
fell bladeblade sword fellMAGIC ANTI-GOODNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL15015011.0105% 
jagged-edged scimitarscimitar jagged sword sweapon NORMAL METAL22815010.0105%[NOCHANT]
longswordlongsword sword sweapon NORMAL METAL2101008.0110% 
broadswordbroadsword sword sweapon NORMAL METAL195057.090% 

Stabbing WeaponsObject KeysItem isTypeWeightOBPBDamDelayCan affect you as
giant spearspear giant stweapon NORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: RIDING27015-512.3125%Damage by 0
steel-tipped spearspear steel hunting steel-tipped stweapon NORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: RIDING12010-59.1115% 
steel-shafted spearspear steel stweapon NORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: RIDING180009.5115% 
elven hunting-spearspear elven hunting-spear stweapon NORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: RIDING150508.4110% 
twisted spearspear twisted stweapon NORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: RIDING105007.2103% 

Cleaving WeaponsObject KeysItem isTypeWeightOBPBDamDelayCan affect you as
mighty dwarven axeaxe mighty clweapon NORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL WOOD28515-513.2110% 

Concussion WeaponsObject KeysItem isTypeWeightOBPBDamDelayCan affect you as
ornate, steel-shafted warhammerwarhammer ornate steel-shafted hammer steel shafted cweaponMAGICNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL METAL27020-512.7120% 
engraved warhammerhammer warhammer engraved bonecrusher cweaponMAGICNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL METAL27020-512.3120% 
steel-shafted mattockmattock hammer steel cweaponMAGICNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL METAL STONE27020-513.0135%[Also 2-hand]
warhammerwarhammer hammer cweapon NORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: METAL1355-58.0100% 
macemace cweapon NORMAL METAL195507.0100% 
pickpick NORMAL METAL900-55.0100%Damage by 0, [MINING TOOL]

Two-Handed WeaponsObject KeysItem isTypeWeightOBPBDamDelayCan affect you as
great warswordwarsword sword war tweaponMAGICNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL40520018.4150% 
steel-shafted mattockmattock hammer steel cweaponMAGICNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL METAL STONE27020-1013.0120%[Also 1-hand]
black metal staffstaff black metal tweaponMAGIC BLESSNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: SPELL22010255.0100% 
very large wooden clubclub wooden large very tweapon NORMAL WOOD4955-1513.0150% 

Shooting WeaponsObject KeysItem isTypeWeightOBDam multiplierDelayCan affect you as
embellished longbowlongbow bow embellished alrehir fweaponMAGICNORMAL, Efficient vs: SPELL17030*2.075% 
black horn shortbowshortbow bow horn fweapon NORMAL15010*1.555% 
elven shortbowshortbow bow elven fweapon NORMAL15010*1.357% 
orkish shortbowshortbow bow orkish fweapon NORMAL15010*1.360% 

MissilesObject KeysItem isTypeWeightOBDam
silver-tipped arrowarrow missile silver tipped silver-tippedMAGICNORMAL SILVER MISSILE6108
ash arrowarrow ash missile NORMAL WOOD MISSILE556
war arrowarrow war missile NORMAL WOOD MISSILE1007
arrowarrow missile NORMAL WOOD MISSILE606

ShieldsObject KeysItem isTypeWeightPBCan affect you as
ancient dwarven shieldshield ancient dwarvenMAGICNORMAL, Efficient vs: MISSILE177035 
tower shieldshield tower largeMAGICNORMAL177535 
bejewelled shieldshield round bejewelledMAGICNORMAL, Efficient vs: ACID90030Saving Spell by -10
larghe metal wall shieldshield wall metal large NORMAL150030 
metal wall shieldshield wall metal NORMAL133527 
gilded round shieldshield round gilded NORMAL77525 
shield of Arthedainshield Arthedain NORMAL73024 
dark shieldshield blackshield darkMAGIC ANTI-GOODNORMAL95021 
full metal shieldshield full metal NORMAL84018 

HeadgearObject KeysItem isTypeWeightAbsorptionMax hitsCan affect you as
large warmasked helmethelm helmet masked maskMAGICNORMAL METAL, Efficient vs: FIRE35095%12 
great helmhelm great metal helmet NORMAL METAL38095%12OB by -2
spiked metal helmethelmet spiked metal orkish NORMAL METAL33085%12DB by -1
plain hoodplain hood  NORMAL20  DB by 1
old plain hatold plain hat NORMAL25  DB by 1
straw hathat straw NORMAL50  DB by 1

NeckObject KeysItem isTypeWeightAbsorptionMax hitsCan affect you as

BodyObject KeysItem isTypeWeightAbsorptionMax hitsCan affect you as
thick metal breastplatebreastplate plate metal thick NORMAL METAL77093%13OB by -2, DB by -2
white chain mail coifcoif chain white NORMAL METAL26065%12 
grey tunictunic grey elven ANTI-EVIL50  DB by 3
fine plain dressdress clothing plain fine NROMAL50  DB by 2

Around the BodyObject KeysItem isTypeWeightAbsorptionMax hitsCan affect you as
forest green cloakcloak forest greenMAGICNORMAL100  DB by 5, Move_Regen by 5
black and silver surcoatsurcoat black silver arthedainMAGIC ANTI-EVILNORMAL300  DB by 5, Spell Save by -10

SleevesObject KeysItem isTypeWeightAbsorptionMax hitsCan affect you as
heavy pair of vambracesvambraces metal heavy NORMAL METAL61093%13OB by -3
black arm wrappingswrappings armbands silk blackMAGIC BLESSNORMAL, Efficient vs: POISON10   

GlovesObject KeysItem isTypeWeightAbsorptionMax hitsCan affect you as
thick pair of metal gauntletsgauntlets gloves metal thick NORMAL METAL24093%13OB by -2
thin pair of leather glovesgloves leather thin NORMAL505%1OB by 2

BeltsObject KeysItem isTypeWeightAbsorptionMax hitsCan affect you as
gleaming beltbelt gleamingMAGICNORMAL20  Move_Regen by 5
broad silver beltbelt silver broadMAGICNORMAL25  DB by 2
plain white sashsash silk plain NORMAL10   
broad girdlegirdle belt NORMAL90   

LeggingsObject KeysItem isTypeWeightAbsorptionMax hitsCan affect you as
plain flowing skirtskirt plain NORMAL75  DB by 2
cotton pair of pantspants breeches trousers cotton NORMAL100  DB by 2
plain pair of pantsbreeches trousers pants plain NORMAL110  DB by 2

Foot-wareObject KeysItem isTypeWeightAbsorptionMax hitsCan affect you as
pair of heavy, plated bootsboots heavy plated metal NORMAL METAL25082%11DB by -1, Move Cost % by -3
pair of smooth, black bootsboots black leather smooth NORMAL30  Move Cost % by -16, [pweapon sheath]
thin pair of soft leather bootsboots leather soft thin NORMAL1075%1Move Cost % by -16

ContainersObject KeysItem isTypeWeightCan affect you as
sable pouchpouch sableMAGICNORMAL, Efficient vs: FIRE COLD SPELL130 
large sacksack large largesack NORMAL988 
weapon sheathsheath NORMAL50 

Drink ContainersObject KeysItem isTypeWeightCan affect you as
golden gobletcup golden goblet NORMAL7 

QuiversObject KeysItem isTypeWeightCan affect you as
laced quiverquiver lacedMAGICNORMAL, Efficient vs: FIRE ACID117 

TreasureObject KeysItem isTypeWeightCan affect you as
copper ringring copper copperringMAGICNORMAL MAGIC10Saving Spell by -10, Attack Spell by 10
banded ringring bandedMAGICNORMAL20OB by 3, Attack Spell by 10 [Many possibilities]
bright red amuletamulet redMAGIC ANTI-EVILNORMAL MAGIC, Efficient vs: FIRE65Saving Spell by 10
iron ringring iron ironringMAGICNORMAL MAGIC15DB by 5
red rubyruby jewel gem redGLOW MAGICNORMAL4 
huge silvery bracerbracer silvery huge fulcam NORMAL300 
silver wedding ringring silver wedding bandNOSUMMONNORMAL5 

OtherObject KeysItem isTypeWeightCan affect you as
mithril circletcirclet headband mithrilMAGIC ANTI-EVIL ANTI-NEUTRALNORMAL SILVER10Attack Spell by 10
twisted crowncrown twistedMAGIC ANTI-GOOD ANTI-NEUTRALNORMAL DARKNESS15Attack Spell by 10
tin ringring tin NORMAL4[Eff. vs DISEASE]
necklacenecklace charm chainMAGIC ANTI-EVILNORMAL MAGIC, Efficient vs: MENTAL50